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APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V

Product description is APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V
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Customer Reviews for APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V
Review 1 for APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Enfield, New Hampshire
Customer Type:Sellers, Partners, Consultants/Contractors & OEMs
Role:General IT Management
Product application:Residential Solutions: Home Automation
I've used this product(s) for:3-6 months
Pretty Decent
Date:March 4, 2011
All in all, this is a pretty slick transfer switch for the money. Easy to install, the wizard is decent with programming assistance and so far it works exactly as intended.
The load shedding feature was by far the biggest perk for my situation. My generator is a Honda EM5000, which only leaves me with 4500 watts of usable power. My big ticket items were the hot water heater (my 240 circuit), furnace and microwave. With the hot water heater and furnace running, I'm around 4200 watts of connected load. If the microwave is needed, the peace of mind knowing the transfer switch will drop the hot water heater temporarily to let the microwave run (and then bring it back on after the micro is done) is fantastic. I don't have to worry about overloading the generator and losing all of my circuits as a result of the overload.
I thought the 2nd backup source option sounded good on paper, but once I got it all installed, I found myself ordering a small UPS (APC Back-UPS Pro 1500, BR1500G) to complete the package. I had misread the documentation and thought you could only backup a single circuit off the UPS. Well thats not the case, as you can backup any circuit except #1, which feeds the UPS and #9&10, as they're the 240v circuit. It's really a great option, as my living room (where the TV and computer live, aka "sensitive equipment"), master bedroom and both bathrooms have now been set to "uninterruptible". Not only will this protect my sensitive/expensive devices from surges or brown outs, but if/when the power goes out, they'll stay on until I get the generator fired up. Run time isn't huge with the TV and PC on simultaneously, but it leaves enough lights on to navigate the house and just enough time to run outside and get the generator fired up.
There are a few bummers though. #1: Fuses. I'd prefer breakers. The other bummer on the fuse situation is all the circuits come with 15 amp fuses (#9 & #10 are 20 amp for the 240V circuit though). Swapping them out isn't hard, but it was a slight hassle and they're not the cheapest fuses on the block. #2: The 1' pre-made whip to wire into the main panel. A 2' or 3' whip would have leveraged better mounting options. #3: The hardwire kit isn't included. I think it should be standard, or at least provide a knockout cover so you can remove the 30A twist lock receptacle. Standard knockout sizes didn't fit either, making it even more annoying. #4: Transition from backup source #1 back to utility isn't seamless. It will drop the load for a short period of time going from generator back to utility. The circuits fed via the UPS and that are set to uninterruptible won't drop, but it would be a bonus if nothing dropped when utility power is available again.
All in all, its a great little transfer switch. It offers features that other transfer switches in the same price range don't. Easy to install, easy to program and so far it's been issue free. I'd definitely recommend it.
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Review 2 for APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Customer Type:Home / Home Office Customer
I've used this product(s) for:1-2 years
Get rid of the fuses
Date:January 19, 2011
This unit works very well and is at a good price point for the function. My issue is the Expensive fuses that blow and require the panel front to be removed for replacement. A 20 amp fuse will blow before a 15 amp breaker trips that supports the circuit. Poor design. Even the manual transfer switches use circuit breakers. Fix the fuses and you have a winner of a product.
With a 1500VA Smart UPS we are able to power all the house ceiling lights so we can see our way to connecting the backup generator. The tranfer back to utility power is flawless. APC is missing the boat by not having this product in wider distribution. The Honda brochure is the only place I have seen it advertised.
Review 3 for APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Customer Type:Home / Home Office Customer
Product application:Power and Energy: Energy management Software
I've used this product(s) for:over 5 years
Preliminary review
Date:January 15, 2011
Most excellent and professional looking design. Haven't installed yet but can provide some other observations. I would be nice to have a second 240v circuit. I might prefer thermal circuit breakers instead of fuses, but fuses are ok. The big issue I see is that there isn't a master off switch. I would think that if the unit can be turned completely off (totally passive mode) and still pass utility power would be ideal. Such a unit might even be an "Energy Star". After all, I'm 99.9% on utility power, except when things might get bad.
Review 4 for APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
I've used this product(s) for:less than a month
UTS works Fine
Date:January 3, 2011
I Installed the UTS10bi myself and had no issues at start up.. the hardest part of the job was removing the knockout plug to install the optional hardwire kit(very difficult) the unit passed all tests at startup and auto start to the generator. would recommend this product for it's features of shedding and delayable circuits.
Review 5 for APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New Hampshire
Customer Type:Home / Home Office Customer
Product application:Building Materials: Electrical Distribution
I've used this product(s) for:less than a month
Best Transfer Switch Available!
Date:March 20, 2010
We were looking for a transfer switch for our generator, and the ones they sold at Depot and other places were around $300 for a low-end 6 circuit manual transfer switch.
I'm a bit of a tech guy, so I wasn't quite happy with my choices, until I stumbled on this on Honda's Generator Website. Load balancing, automatic transfer, multiple power sources, and even UPS support! All for $480 shipped! I couldn't go wrong!
It came today and it was so easy to install and configure, we tripped the main breaker, and it took over switching to our generator as soon as we turned it on. This is THE transfer switch to get. My only disappointment is it took me so long to find it, since it's not advertised very well.
Bottom line: If you need a transfer switch, buy this one!
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